■Corporate Name      

LiveYourDreams Inc, (LYD Inc,)



May 14th, 2019


■Board Members     

CEO  Tei Kawasaki

COO  Ryotaro Kurokawa

CMO  Ryota Susa


■Head Office 

1-12-27 Onaricho, Odate City, Akita 017-0044     



Akita, Tokyo, Estonia



+81-3-4400-1188 (10:00〜17:00 JST)



(1) Development and sales of robot programming materials and related products

(2) Robot development and sales (Education, medical care, elderly care, nursing, etc.) 

(3) Robot system research and development

(4) Consortium management for robotic education

(5) Video media (Estonia, Japan)

(6) Video production (PV, documentary video, seminar video, interview video, etc.)

(7) Video production for startups (presentation videos, service introduction videos, documentary videos, interview videos, etc.) 



■E-mail Address

​■General counsel

Kashiwa Sogo Law Office  Tomoaki Moriya