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ついにエストニア上陸🇪🇪 We arrived in Estonia

Updated: Sep 2, 2019


Estoniaでブロックチェーンを用いた信用経済を作る事業をやっているblockhive 日下光さんと現地での法人立ち上げ、リーガルサポートの事業をされているSetGoのAlexにお会いして、これからの展開について打ち合わせをししました。

After preparing for two years, we finally arrived in Estonia. We had a meeting with

Hikaru Kusaka, who is the cofounder of blockhive: a technology company that also specialises in blockchain strategy development. We also met with Kota Alex Saito from SetGo: a company that offers legal support and services for companies that wish to set up in Estonia. Together, we talked about our future plans in Estonia.



My friendship with Mr. Kusaka goes back to 2012, so the meeting was on a personal level. After seven years apart, I couldn’t ask for a better reunion. As we are planning to shoot a documentary on life in Estonia in August, Mr. Kusaka kindly agreed to assist in the organisation of local people, media coverage and legal administration.



If this documentary goes to plan, it will be released in November as the official video to represent the JCI World Congress 2019. As a video made by Japanese people, we are putting every ounce of effort into ensuring that it perfectly represents the vision of Estonia. Thanks to our meeting with Mr. Saito and Mr. Kusaka, who clearly expressed Estonia's future vision from an Estonian point of view, the structure of our documentary has become very clear.




We treasure our bonds with those who do business in Estonia and those who are interested in its future. First of all, we are prioritising what we can offer to Estonia over what we want for ourselves. We start by offering suggestions for what this country and its people might like, and then proceed from there.



私たち中の言葉で言うなら、 ポテンシャルが最大化されるような提案をするのかどうかが重要かと思います。

It is impossible to do anything without the support of the locals and first considering matters from the perspectives of others. In other words, it is important to consider whether a project is worthy of putting in maximum effort to accomplish or not.

blockhiveのオフィスめちゃくちゃ綺麗でした!blockhive’s office was beautiful!

レストランでも感じました。 エストニアの方は本当に心が温かく、気配り心配りの精神でわかりやすい表現ではなく、目立たない形愛を持って接することが多いように感じました。

It was beautiful and had an inviting feeling comparable to that of a luxury restaurant! Even here, I could feel the warmth of the Estonians. They may not openly express it, but their thoughtfulness and consideration for others can be strongly felt through their actions.

偏見ではなく、ただの事実ですがAlexによると、エストニアで事業を本当にきちんと取り組んでいる事業者は20ほどしかなく、keep in touch! (また連絡するね!)で帰ってしまい行動に移さない人が多いそうです。


Getting down to the facts, Alex stated that many companies return to their countries without staying in touch following their meetings in Estonia. There are approximately only a mere 20 that still remain in touch with Alex. It was a real shame to realise that after taking up their precious time and listening to their intriguing goals that many still went on to cut ties with them. Treasuring our bonds with others is a very important part of LYD.

では、私たち、LiveYourDreams Inc,は明確に何をするのか


We at LYD treasure the culture of raising children with the skills to play a proactive role in the development of society. We want to share our vision and mould it into a reality. We have decided to become a model example for others to follow.

LiveYourDreams Inc,は



LiveYourDreams Inc, aims to join forces with young people and those working in the field of education to learn about Estonia’s programming education model and take it back to Japan. We are putting all our effort into creating a better future for children and young people.

明日、以降も弊社原田が開拓してくれた人脈で、Estoniaで高校生の起業を支援している政府機関EST2.0 の最高責任者エデ氏とお会いし取り組みをより具体化していきます。

Thanks to the hard work and personal connections of Ms. Harata from our team, from tomorrow we will be having meetings with Ede Schank Tamkivi; the Chief Executive of Eesti 2.0. This is a government agency that supports school students who are interested in the path to entrepreneurship.

LiveYourDreams Inc,はグローバルカンパニーとしてエストニアにもチームをつくり、日本で本当に大きな価値のある展開をしていきます。



LiveYourDreams Inc, is a company that works on a global scale. We created a team in Estonia with the goal to make a valuable change in Japan. We are very thankful to Mr. Kusaka and Alex who gave us their precious time today. Thank you to all who are reading this blog post. We are putting every ounce of our love into creating a happy future for everyone.



to be continued...

We would like to express our gratitude to Yumi Sera and Piotr Feliks Grzywacz from Pronoia Group, who gave us the fantastic opportunity to become part of their media crew. We met some wonderful people and had some unforgettable experiences.

Our adventures in Estonia are far from over.




Pronoia Group

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