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お一人様で映画に行ってきたけどなにか?In エストニア My Solo Adventure to the Cinema in Estonia

Updated: Sep 2, 2019




Hello everyone! I went to the cinema to see the Aladdin Live-Action film!

I finally got a chance to see it in 3D ー in Estonia!

Although I came to Estonia for work, I went to see Aladdin on my first day because I really wanted to see it! (Of course, I am also working hard!)


This was at a time when I still hadn’t made any friends, so I went by myself. There must be a cinema around here, I thought to myself. I also had no clue how to purchase tickets.💭

まずは映画館をグーグル先生に聞いて、ありました!近くに!Coca-Cola Plazaという所です。とりあえず足を運んでみました。

I started with a quick search on Google and there happened to be a cinema close by in a place called Coca-Cola Plaza so I headed over.



And there it was! (Of course). Next: tickets. I searched for a ticket machine. Everyone else seemed to have purchased their tickets online, so I had trouble spotting where to buy tickets.




Eventually, I noticed the ticket counter.

I went over and asked for tickets to see Aladdin in 3D. Upon being asked if I was a student, I presented my student card and the ticket came to just 6,5€. I was so surprised to see such a cheap ticket price for a 3D film!


As I was seen waiting for my ticket to be printed, I was told to use the barcode on the receipt to enter.





What a great way to save paper. I started to get a bit hungry and I really wanted to buy some popcorn, but the thought of walking in with a whole bucket of popcorn to myself was quite embarrassing. This was my Japanese side speaking. However, I quickly pushed that embarrassment aside and headed to the snacks counter...






The popcorn was being sold just how a Japanese convenience store sells drinks. This was the first time I had ever seen anything like this. 😳There was even a self service drink bar! I had no idea how to use it, and it was too embarrassing to ask, so I sat on the sofa and watched others to see how it was done. Adults and even children seemed to know how things were done and continued on with their day.



Results of my study showed that you take the popcorn by yourself and then pay at the register. As I sprung to my feet with enthusiasm, the embarrassment kicked in again. The thought of walking up to the register with popcorn all to myself was just too much. I also wasn’t sure what the flavours were, so I settled on just getting a drink instead!






I selected a cup that was of satisfactory size and then pressed the button to pour my own drink. How easy! Drink in hand, I headed to Screen 8 to see Aladdin. Upon entering, I noticed a big group of children packed tightly together on what looked like a school trip. I chose a seat right at the back and settled down, until…




What is this!

I realised that I could understand snippets of what the children were saying! Although their mother tongue is Estonian, it seems that the younger generation can also speak a fair bit of English. They were speaking mainly Estonian, but from time to time they were weaving between the two languages and mixing them together.


Afterwards, I got the chance to ask someone who is a teacher in Estonia why Estonian children can speak English, and they answered that from a young age, children watch films and cartoons mainly in English, so there are children whose English improves greatly as a result.


As for my movie review, you should definitely watch the film ASAP! (By the way, Jasmine has always been my favourite princess from when I was little.)



During the marriage scene, the children started to clap and whistle because they were so happy and this excitement rippled throughout the room.

My Japanese friend once told me about the time that they went to see Godzilla in Japan. The ending was so overwhelming that they wanted to clap but just couldn’t do it because Japanese cinemas just don’t have that kind of atmosphere. I would love it if more people honestly expressed their feelings of excitement more openly, I thought to myself. This was a wonderful experience of an Estonian atmosphere.


That was my day in the capital city of Estonia. Thank you for reading this far. If you click the heart below, it will add to my motivation for my next blog entry!

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